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Tip sheets



  1. Introduction - What is
  2. Forms - Creating a combo box, Insert images
  3. Queries - Creating a simple query, Criteria, Calculations on records in a query, Examples of expressions that use text values as criteria, Update queries
  4. Reports - Calculations in a report, More calculations in a report, Getting it right AccessCalculations
  5. Tables - Data type properties, Format properties, Validating data, Creating a combo box, Data types quiz, Primary key quiz, Boolean features
  6. Personalised - Startup
  7. Data access pages - Introduction, Pages used for data entry, Create a page using a wizard, Formatting pages, Customising navigation control
  8. Save - Saving to other place
  9. Big quiz
  10. Switchboard
  11. Access 2007 manual and PPT
  12. Access Reports Quiz and zipped

Adobe Acrobat

  1. Working with Adobe Acrobat


  1. How to use delicious and mp3 and ppt


  1. Formulaes and Functions - Concatenate, Countif, Left, MRound, Round, SumIf, Sumif, Functions quiz, Vlookup
  2. PivotTable, Pivot table
  3. Microsoft Map
  4. Graph - Frequency distribution graph
  5. Self-marking quizzes
  6. Financial functions, two-variable data tables and spinners
  7. Conditional formatting and conditional formatting
  8. Assigning a macro to a button
  9. Creating a custom menu
  10. Creating a macro
  11. Advanced filters
  12. Error indicators quiz
  13. Data validation
  14. Collection of Excel quizzes
  15. Excel 2007 manual, PPT and crossword


  1. Creating a web using FrontPage
  2. Webscripting
  3. Webinteractivity


  1. Lists

Odeo (Podcasts)

  1. Creating sound files as mp3s to download or link to online
  2. Creating a podcast in Odeo and promoting it in Blogger and iTunes


  1. Using Outlook


  1. Creating a presentation using PowerPoint
  2. Create a hyperlink or bookmark in PowerPoint
  3. Saving a PowerPoint file as Read-Only
  4. Create a MultiPage feature in PowerPoint using Visual Basic for Applications
  5. Create a Text Tip feature in PowerPoint using Visual Basic for Applications
  6. Create a simple quiz feature in PowerPoint using Visual Basic for Applications


  1. Zipping and unzipping files or in another way, Compressing or uncompressing files


  1. Saving a Word file as Read-Only
  2. Create forms that users can view and complete in Word
  3. Creating a graph in Word
  4. Creating a multimedia Word document
  5. Creating individual labels with mail merge
  6. Working with long documents - Section breaks, Column breaks, Using styles, Modifying styles, Modifying styles of Captions, Table of Contents, Table of Figures, Cross references, Track changes
  7. Mail merge from Access PPT and zipped
  8. 2011 exam and mail merge
  9. Word form fields and Fields MOV and SWF ExtractMov  ExtractSwf     ExtractWmv




Useful information


  1. 2010


  1. Quiz on Blogging and on RSS feeds
  2. Blogging for beginners slide show and pdf
  3. RSS feeds

Desk top publishing

  1. General guidelines


  1. Saving a Word file as Read-Only
  2. Saving a PowerPoint file as Read-Only


  1. Marking an exam paper
  2. Processing marks


  1. Quiz (stupid, awful)

Online safety

Effectiveness of online learning


Keeping in contact

Digital camera


MCQ questions

Report writing  Zipped


Ipad testing

3 Classification Where is it found in Word?
3 Sentence sequencing Table of contents
3 Tree Shortcuts
3 Tree Where is it found in Word?
3_2 Sentence sequencing Bookmarks
3_2 Sentence sequencing Using hyperlinks with bookmarks
3_3 Sentence sequencing Mail merge
Word quiz
Word quiz 2
Word quiz 3
Word quiz 4
Word 5 Stop





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