Excel - Create a Frequency distribution graph in Excel

A frequency distribution is often used in market surveys.  Perhaps you conducted a survey in which you asked the recipients to rate a service on a scale from 1 to 4.   It would be useful to count how many ones, twos, threes or fours were selected by the target market.  You can do so with a frequency distribution graph. 

In the example below from a list of data from nine people, one person selected one, two people selected two and three, and four people selected four.  One can quickly analyse the data.  This Excel feature is very useful if you have a very long list to analyse.

dis9.jpg (34143 bytes)

To create a frequency distribution graph you need to activate the Data Analysis software. 

To activate the Data Analysis software, on the menu bar select the Tools pull-down menu, click on Add-Ins.

add1.jpg (35561 bytes)

Select Analysis Toolpak.  Click OK.

add2.jpg (58193 bytes)

When you want to create a frequency distribution graph make sure you have the Input range, the numerical data, already typed in, and the Bin range in ascending order. 

dis1.jpg (49087 bytes)

When you are ready to do a frequency distribution graph, on the Tools pull-down menu click on Data Analysis.

add3.jpg (48494 bytes)

Select Histogram.  Click OK. You are ready to do the frequency distribution graph.

add4.jpg (55937 bytes)

Get going.  Let's get going.   Click let's get going.  Then look at an example of  Making a Frequency distribution graph of costs of web software.

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